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Treat your skin!

LRP BLOG May 2016

                            Treat your skin before concealing your skin problems! It’s important to take care of your skin first before applying to many color correcting concealers to cover up your complexion concerns.   Disguise dark circles! La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eyes Resolve visible redness! […]

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Blog Cane + Austin

Everyone is different! All Cane+Austin treatment pads may be used twice daily, but many people experience great results with just one use per day. 2%/5% Acne Retexture Pads: The Acne Retexture Pads can be added and removed from the skin routine based on your individual needs. If you break out in cycles, you can switch to the Acne Retexture […]

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Bioelements Skincare

Bioelements Blog Pic

Bioelements offers specialized skin care solutions for all skin types. Because just as different people have different skin conditions, different skin conditions need different forms of treatment. There are very few people who are born with perfectly smooth, even-toned, healthy-looking skin. Many of us either have naturally dry skin or naturally oily skin. The majority […]

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Natural Contouring

Contour Camo Dermablend

By using makeup that’s both lighter and darker than your natural skin tone, you can change the way light bounces off your face, in turn enhancing and even slimming your facial features. Contouring, the makeup application technique that enhances your face’s natural curves to create the illusion of more defined bone structure. Dermablend offers the […]

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Hydration Boosts for Sensitive Skin


How to hydrate your skin, even if you have sensitive skin? If you’re unsure of what type of hydration is ideal for your skin, here are the most common moisturizer-related issues and their solutions.   Question: “How can I find a moisturizer that won’t irritate my sensitive skin?” Answer: Sensitive skin is often caused by […]

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