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Natural Contouring

Contour Camo Dermablend

By using makeup that’s both lighter and darker than your natural skin tone, you can change the way light bounces off your face, in turn enhancing and even slimming your facial features. Contouring, the makeup application technique that enhances your face’s natural curves to create the illusion of more defined bone structure. Dermablend offers the […]

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Hydration Boosts for Sensitive Skin


How to hydrate your skin, even if you have sensitive skin? If you’re unsure of what type of hydration is ideal for your skin, here are the most common moisturizer-related issues and their solutions.   Question: “How can I find a moisturizer that won’t irritate my sensitive skin?” Answer: Sensitive skin is often caused by […]

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Should You Ditch the Bar Soap?

zents soap

Bar soap has been around for a long time and it has come a long way from being plain, white and square to evolving into colorful, scented and oval shape. Although there were changes to the bar of soap, it still had the same functionality, as well as having some advantages and disadvantages on the […]

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5 Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

bareMinerals - Brow Kit - Auburn

Have you every looked at your female celebrity and thought, “Wow, I would love to have my eyes look as fantastic like hers!” Celebrities have makeup artist that have little tricks to make their eyes pop out and sparkle, even if they have the smallest of eyes. Want to know the secret? There are several […]

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How Does Vitamin C Help Your Skin


Vitamin C can be found in most foods that you eat. As you were growing up, you may have been told that it could help to prevent colds and keep your body healthy which is true. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows free-radical damage which what creates dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Another […]

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