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Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

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Ah, lipstick. It’s the icing on the cake. The cherry on a sundae. It’s the finishing touch that means so much. You’re just not complete until your pout is come-hither gorgeous. You wouldn’t evenĀ thinkĀ about leaving the house with naked lips, right ladies? You carry your favorite shade of red or pink in your purse and whip it out for a quick touch-up several times throughout the day, satisfied your lips are drop-dead-kiss-me gorgeous.

But wait….is just applying a layer of lipstick enough? Why do you have to re-apply so many times during the day? How in the world do those models and actresses get such silky, shiny, perfect pouts? What do they know that you don’t?

Believe it or not, there’s a science to applying lipstick like a pro. Makeup artists know that in order for their work to last through tapings, fashion shows and magazine shoots, they must do more than just swipe a tube of lipstick over their client’s lips and send them on their way.

We were fortunate enough to find out what that science is and are going to share it with you all right now. Pay attention now. There may be a quiz afterward. :)

Step 1: Treat those dry lips

The lips are the thinnest skin on the body and do not retain moisture well. That’s why they chap so easily. If you’re prone to dry, cracked lips, look for an exfoliants and lip treatments created for dry lips. Exfoliating lips gets rid of peeling skin and dead skin cells so lips are soft and smooth.

Step 2: Primer

Apply a lip primer all over lips. Why use a primer? Lip primer gets lips ready to receive color. It creates a smooth canvas for color to adhere to and actually makes your lip color last longer.

Step 3: Lip Shape and Lip Liner

If you think your lips are too thick or too thin, these problems can be corrected with the use of a lip liner. We recommend GloMinerals gloPrecision Lip Pencil in a shade that matches your lip color as closely as possible. If lips are too thick, line your lips just inside the pigmented area. If too thin, line just outside the pigmented area. Lining lips this way gives the illusion that your lips are thinner or thicker than they actually are.

Step 4: Apply lip color

Rather than applying your lipstick right from the tube, use a brush instead. Using a brush allows you to get a more even coat and lets you get into the corners of your mouth much easier.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Use a tissue to blot excess color off your lips. Just place the tissue between your lips and clamp down. Next, it’s time to set the color. Using a large, fluffy brush, apply a light dusting of powder over lips. Apply another coat of lipstick over that and you’re done! You’ve just applied your lipstick like a professional makeup artist!




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