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Are the Lady Primrose Fragrances Right for You?

ASCAre the Lady Primrose Fragrances Right for You

Every woman’s taste is different when it comes to fragrance. Choosing the right scent is crucial to one’s personality and the outward statement she is trying to make. Is the Lady Primrose fragrances right for you? Read on to find out how to choose a fragrance that enhances your personality and tells the world who you are.

Understanding the Many Layers of a Scent

Every perfume is made up of “layers” of scents. These layers are called notes, and they present themselves at different times throughout the time you wear the fragrance. For this reason, what you smell at the test counter when you sample perfume, isn’t necessarily what you smell hours later.

Top notes: This is what you smell immediately after applying a fragrance. It’s the scent that hits your nose first, and then fades away quickly.

Middle notes: This note makes up the majority of the scent and presents itself as the top note dissipates.

Base notes: These notes don’t usually emerge until you’ve worn the perfume for an hour or so. They provide depth and back up the middle notes to create the main theme of the fragrance.

Tips for Selecting the Right Scent for You

1. Think about the scents you enjoy every day: clean linen, lilac, campfires, a freshly cut lawn. It doesn’t matter that the scents that thrill you are all over the map. Just have an idea of what smells please you when you head out to buy a new fragrance.

2. What is your personality? If you’re the type that wears little to no makeup and enjoys the great outdoors, you’re likely to prefer a fragrance that’s light and natural rather than something spicy or musky. Try to choose a fragrance that represents who you are.

3. Test the scent before buying. Ask for a large sample and try it out for a couple of days before opening your wallet.

4. Ask for opinions. While trying out a new scent, ask friends, family and even coworkers what they think? The final decision is obviously up to you, but knowing what others think can help you decide if the fragrance works for you or not.





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