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Bioelements can help you beat summer body acne


Thick humidity and a heat wave can make summertime a difficult period to keep your complexion luminous. As sweat drips down from your brow and gathers on your chest and neck, you may fear the worst is yet to come. Body acne, which can strike when pores are clogged with oil, dirt and other harmful stressors, can be a terrible side effect of scorching days this season. With a few of these tips, you'll be able to beat the heat and prevent body acne from taking away your shine.

1. Put hair up. Hot weather can leave you sweating, and when your hair is down around your shoulders and neck, this combination is a recipe for disaster. Remember to keep your hair pulled up while working out and during warm afternoons to prevent oil from penetrating sensitive pores.

2. Wash up. If your body has patches of acne, be sure to wash areas daily. By applying a product like Bioelements Active Astringent to specific acne sites, you can help control oil and leave skin feeling hydrated for future acne prevention. A body wash containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can be a great way to prevent bacteria build-up.

3. Exfoliate. After you wash up, you should exfoliate areas of your body that suffer the most under acne. From wipes to creams, exfoliating products come in various forms and can be tailored for your convenience, although the primary aim will be to rid pores of set-in dirt and grime. A dermatologist may be able to recommend a product that best suits your needs.

4. Remember to take off your makeup. You don't want to go bed without removing your leftover makeup. For a product that will rid your face of leftover foundation, consider Bioelements Makeup Dissolver. Great for skin of all types, this gentle and anti-inflammatory cleanser can wipe away makeup on your face and eyes. 




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