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Bioelements helps you get lasting makeup coverage


As the bittersweet final weeks of summer draw near, you're sure to get invited to some of the best parties of the season. From afternoon barbecues to late night bonfires, you definitely want to look your best no matter what time of day it is. However, makeup can often melt away and leave behind an unflattering residue that detracts from your look. In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, celebrity makeup artist Amy Nadine gave a few tips on how you can make your cosmetics last.

Pucker up!

Do lush red lipsticks excite you like no other hue? The end of the summer season is the perfect time to indulge in all the fiery colors you can get your hands on. Before you apply the perfect lipstick, reduce dead and peeling skin from your lips with a product like Bioelements Lip Buff. Formulated with shea butter, olive citrus and mint essential oils, this soothing blend can help your lips appear more supple.

Once your lips are in pristine condition, Nadine recommends tracing the outline of your lips with a pencil. Then apply a matte lipstick that can help your lips stay moisturized throughout the day. Blotting your smooch with a piece of tissue may ensure lasting coverage, but the real trick, according to Nadine, is applying loose or pressed powder to lips with an eyeshadow blending brush. Add another coat of lipstick before you head out for the party and presto! Your radiant mouth is sure to attract plenty of attention.

Explore new textures

While bright lips are sure to lend you an aura of confidence, a multifaceted makeup look that lasts can really be something to marvel at. To obtain new dimensions with your foundation and concealer, Allure Magazine recommends layering different cosmetics on top of one another. This is a great trick if you have a bronzer or darker shade of loose powder that doesn't quite match your skin tone. By layering with a lighter color, you'll be able to blend each together seamlessly and give yourself spectacular coverage through any big event.

Create a stir with your lashes

Want to complete your stellar makeup with bold black color on your eyes? You can try lash extensions, but if you're inclined toward something more natural you should try curling them before you apply any mascara. The source recommends curling from the base to the tips, then brushing a thin, translucent powder over your eyes. This clever trick may help your mascara cling to your lashes. 




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