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Spring Hair Care Tips

hair care

While thoughts of spring center around warmer temperatures, sunshine and flowers, it can be a daunting time for your hair. You’ve just spent the last several months protecting it from bitter cold, wind and dry air, and are probably looking forward to spring, if only for better hair days. Unfortunately, spring weather can be just […]

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Fekkai Keeps Genetically Acquired Hair in Check

ASCFekkai Keeps Genetically Acquired Hair in Check

Many people hate the hair they were born with. It’s either too curly, or too straight, or just the wrong color. Luckily, even though there isn’t much you can do about the DNA you’ve been dealt, Fekkai can help you keep that unruly mane in check. Here are a few hair facts you may not […]

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Have Beautiful, Healthy Hair All Winter Long


Let’s face it, winter isn’t kind to the body, plain and simple. The cold winds dry out the skin, leaving it flaky and uncomfortable. The same holds true for your hair. Hair is especially vulnerable to the blustery winds because it’s exposed most of the time to the elements. While most women focus on keeping […]

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Fall 2012 Hairstyle Trends


When it comes to beauty, there’s more than just makeup and skincare to think about. A trendy hairstyle puts the finishing touches on a great look and makes you just feel good. This Fall’s trendy hairstyles are sleek and controlled, every hair in its place for a sophisticated look that screams “I am beautiful!” Take […]

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Fekkai Knows What Your Hair Needs


You can spend hundreds of dollars on skincare and beauty products each month, but if your hair is lifeless and dull, you missing the big picture. Skincare and haircare go hand in hand, so giving a little TLC to your hair makes for the total package. Hair is exposed to some of the most brutal […]

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