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Manly Skin Needs Jack Black

ASCManly Skin Needs Jack Black

When it comes to skincare, thoughts usually turn to the fairer sex. Many skincare products are geared toward the females of our species, but what about the men? They have skincare woes, too, and many are just as concerned about them as women. For the men who desire a skincare line developed just for them, […]

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The Rundown on Men’s Skincare


When you think of skincare, what immediately comes to mind? Women, right? The beauty and skincare industry is a largely woman-dominated industry where skincare manufacturers compete for every feminine dime. Men are not typically as concerned with the health of their skin, but recent studies have shown that is changing. Other countries like Japan have […]

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More Men Are Realizing the Importance of Good Skincare


Apparently, women aren’t the only ones concerned with the effects of aging and looking younger. Sales of men’s skincare products are on the rise as they grow increasingly concerned with looking good. According to a recent study conducted by the NPD Group, men are willing to shell out more money for skincare products than ever […]

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Jack Black Debunks Men’s Skincare Myths

men's skincare

Ladies, you may think you’ve cornered the market on skincare woes, but the truth is, most men suffer the same skin problems you do: they’re just not as forthcoming with their distress and are less likely to discuss it with the guys. Just because men are supposed to be rugged, tough and manly doesn’t mean […]

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Jack Black for Men’s Skin

Men’s and women’s skin is different. But, contrary to popular beliefs, this is not always in favor of men. Jack Black skin care products provide men with uncomplicated, real solutions with immediate results. First of all, men have bigger pores. These are more prone to clogging up. This requires products that are more adept at […]

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