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How to Apply Mascara Correctly

woman holding eyelash curler

No look is complete without a coat or two of mascara. The problem with mascara is, if not applied correctly it can look like a spider crawled up on your eye and decided to stay a while. Clumpy lashes are not attractive lashes, so follow the steps below to learn how to apply mascara correctly […]

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A New Year’s Eve Look with Jane Iredale

ASCA New Year's Eve Look with Jane Iredale

New Year’s Eve is a time for women to shine – literally. Jane Iredale makes that possible with a wide array of bold colors and shimmery highlights for a New Year’s Eve look that pops. Jane Iredale Eyes Your eyes are the windows to your soul. This New Year’s Eve, throw open the shutters and […]

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5 Steps to Covering Blemishes

ASC5 Steps to Covering Blemishes

It never fails. You wake up on the morning of an important engagement, look in the mirror, and staring back at you is a humongous pimple. It may seem like the end of the world, but don’t panic. Those blemishes may seem like a monstrosity, but you can diminish them and cover them up. By […]

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Holiday Makeup With Jane Iredale

The holiday season is in full swing. There are company parties and family parties, all requiring that you look your best. Besides the perfect dress with just the right shoes, your makeup must look fabulous and Jane Iredale is here to make sure it does. The following tips will help you play the festive role […]

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Get a Dazzling Holiday Look with Jane Iredale

ASCGet a Dazzling Holiday Look with Jane Iredale

The holidays are the perfect time to break away from your normal, every day look and experiment with something fun and dazzling. The Jane Iredale Glimmer Gift Box makes it possible by providing you three great products that glimmer for an easy grab and go look. The gift box includes: Iced Mocha PureGloss for Lips: […]

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