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Healthy Skin Care is More Than Just the Products You Use

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There are many factors that determine whether your skin is healthy or not. What you consume, how you treat it, and what products you use (or don’t use), help determine how your skin looks and feels. Although using quality skincare products designed to treat your specific skin concern are important, you must look beyond just […]

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La Roche-Posay Protects Your Skin From UV Damage in Winter

ASCLa Roche-Posay Protects Your Skin From UV Damage in Winter

When temperatures drop during the winter months, it’s natural to don coats, hats, scarves and gloves to ward off the cold weather. Besides bundling up, there’s one more step to take before you head out into that winter wonderland: apply sunscreen. No matter the temperature or the season, the sun emits skin damaging UV rays […]

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Take Care of Sensitive Skin with La Roche-Posay

ASCTake Care of Sensitive Skin with La Roche-Posay

If you have sensitive skin, La Roche-Posay may be able to help. Many people tend to say they have sensitive skin because when skincare products or other types of products come in contact with their skin it burns, stings, gets red or itches. Just because skin becomes uncomfortable after coming in contact with other things […]

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The Secret to La Roche-Posay’s Success

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When it comes to skincare products, there’s so many to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to know if you’ve bought the right one for your skin type and concern. This product contains this ingredient and does this. Or that product contains that ingredient…..we could go on for hours this way. “Which product do I need?” […]

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Aging and Your Skin

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Did you know that the visible layer of your skin is only 1/100o of an inch thick? It’s funny to think that your appearance depends on the visible condition of less than a millimeter of skin. This visible layer of skin is called the epidermis, and it regenerates and renews itself every 28 days. As […]

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