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Are the Lady Primrose Fragrances Right for You?

ASCAre the Lady Primrose Fragrances Right for You

Every woman’s taste is different when it comes to fragrance. Choosing the right scent is crucial to one’s personality and the outward statement she is trying to make. Is the Lady Primrose fragrances right for you? Read on to find out how to choose a fragrance that enhances your personality and tells the world who […]

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Myths & Truths About Cold Weather You May Not Know

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There is definitely a chill in the air. Summer has been replaced with Fall and Mother Nature has wasted no time getting on board. With the cooler temperatures comes dry air, cold wind and dry indoor heat. The cold weather months are not kind to skin, but you can fight back against dryness, the flakiness […]

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Feel Like Royalty with Lady Primrose


Most women find a scent they like and stick with it. Unless it goes by way of the 8-track tape, they wear it year in and year out: it is hers forever. What it comes down to is body chemistry. What smells good on one person will not necessarily smell good on another. Each person’s […]

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