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The Skinny on Toners

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Cleanse, tone, moisturize. These are the three basic steps nearly every woman uses in her quest for healthy, clean skin. But, do you really need all three steps to have glowing, healthy skin? Some dermatologists will say no, you don’t need to use a toner these days. Toners are only for people with the oiliest […]

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Big, bold and brash – keep your lashes sexy

Big, bold and brash - keep your lashes sexy

Big and bold black lashes are the ultimate sexy accessory for many women. More than a few trademark looks utilize them to make a statement.

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Fall is a fabulous time to refill your SPF stock!

Think the summer time is the only season that requires the use of an SPF product? Think again!

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Banish blemishes from your skin

First impressions are extremely important, and individuals often take only a few seconds to size up new people in their lives before forming a lasting opinion of them.

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Reverse summer skin damage

Have you been spending time in the hot summer sun without protecting your skin cells from dangerous UV rays?

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