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Say Goodbye to Chapped Winter Lips

ASCSay Goodbye to Dry Winter Lips

It’s winter, and your lips are suffering. Outside air is dry, and inside air even drier. Lips lack oil glands of their own, so they feel the effects of dry winter air quickly – flaking, cracking and bleeding. Ouch! Don’t let painful, unsightly lips get you down. Even though we’re only halfway through the season, […]

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A New Year for your Skin with Dermalogica

ASCA New Year for your Skin with Dermalogica

You might feel rested and relaxed after an extended vacation for the holidays, but your skin may need a little extra help recuperating. If you spent the holidays eating all the wrong foods, sleeping way too little and celebrating a little too much, your skin could need a vacation of its own.  It is a new […]

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Skin Doctors Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

ASCSkin Doctors Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

When it comes to beautiful skin, dermatologists know and understand all the rules. After all, it’s their job to know skin inside and out, and if you’ve ever taken the time to look at your skin doctor’s skin, it’s usually gorgeous. Here are some tips from skin doctors for younger looking, beautiful skin. Cleansers Most […]

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Exfoliate with Murad for Clear, Younger Looking Skin

ASCExfoliate with Murad for Clear, Younger Looking Skin

Your skin is in a constant state of renewal. New skin cells begin deep within the skin, and as they age, they work their way to the surface where they die. Normal cleansing is good, but with an added exfoliant like Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mast once or twice a week, your skin can be softer, […]

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Babor: Day Creams vs. Night Creams

ASCBabor Day Creams vs. Night Creams

Every women’s beauty regimen is different. One woman might simply cleanse and moisturize, while the next will have a 5-step process with creams and serums she completes religiously twice daily. Both types of women look at the other in complete astonishment that either she does not make enough of an effort to have healthy skin […]

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