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Build a Solid Foundation for Healthy Skin with Yonka Face Essentials

Yonka Face Essentials

Before you can have truly healthy skin, you need to build a solid foundation by using nurturing skincare products that provide targeted care for your specific skin type. That’s why Yonka developed their Face Essentials skincare line. Face Essentials contains basic cleansing, exfoliating and toning products designed with your specific skin type in mind. From […]

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Strike Back Against Cellulite

woman running on the beach

Cellulite – the dimply, cottage cheese-like condition that appears on legs, buttocks and other areas of the body – can be quite frustrating. If you suffer from this affliction and find yourself covering up, even on the hottest days of summer, these tips are for you. Cellulite is hard to beat, but with a few […]

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Relax and Rejuvenate the Body with Yonka

ASCRelax and Rejuvenate the Body with Yonka

Sometimes the stresses of everyday life can be overwhelming. Our bodies react negatively to stress leaving skin dull and tired looking. When it gets to be too much, the best way to fight stress and get that healthy glow back is to pamper yourself with quality products designed to rejuvenate your skin, your mind and […]

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Yonka is Serious Skincare

ASCYonka is Serious Skincare

Every face is different. Some suffer from acne, while others, rosacea. There’s fine lines and wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Everybody has something about their skin they’d like to change and that’s why Yonka¬†was created. No matter what condition your skin is in, Yonka can help you achieve a more youthful, radiant glow. […]

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Treat Yourself to a Spa-Like Experience at Home

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We love the spa; the soothing music, the rich creams and oil, the smells, the relaxing atmosphere: it’s the perfect way to decompress and leave all your cares behind for a little while. You come out feeling refreshed and recharged. The downside to going to the spa is the expense. Although worth it occasionally, going […]

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