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Correct Skin Discoloration with MD Formulations

ASCCorrect Skin Discoloration with MD Formulations

You can fake an even skin tone with foundation, but wouldn’t it be nice if you had the option to wear it or not? MD Formulations makes it possible to erase pigmentation and get rid of discolorations so you don’t have to wear foundation to cover up those unsightly dark spots.

There are several reasons dark spots and uneven skin tone occur. UV exposure causes a growth of excess skin cells pigmented with melanin to cluster together to form dark spots, a.k.a. sun spots, liver spots or age spots.

Another cause, a surge in estrogen levels caused by pregnancy or birth control, stimulates melanocyte cells to create melasma. This type of discoloration tends to cover large areas of the skin.

The third cause of dark patches on the skin is injury. Burns or a swollen pimple can stimulate melanin production that results in a stubborn mark called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

What to do

The first step to getting rid of uneven skin tone is prevention. Wear sunscreen every single day, even in winter, to prevent dark spots from happening in the first place. If you already have age spots, sunscreen will keep the spots from becoming darker.

Your next line of defense is a good skincare regimen designed to treat, eliminate and prevent discoloration. MD Foumlations Illuminating Solution Kit contains everything you need to do just that. Each of the six products in this kit lighten discolorations, balance skin tone, and reverse the look of sun damage and age for illuminated, smoother, younger looking skin.

When all else fails, you may find yourself in the dermatologist’s office for more extreme treatments. Monthly peels to exfoliate the top layer of skin are effective in treating skin discolorations. Laser treatments are recommended for people who have severe dark patches that do not respond to other less-invasive treatments.






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