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Dermalogica helps you steal the spotlight with Adele’s beauty look


Singer-songwriter Adele has burned up the charts with her impassioned ballads, Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep, both off her second studio album, 21. While the native Brit has garnered praise for her music, which features a blend of rock, folk and Motown-style blues, her innate confidence and nostalgic beauty style have made her an inspiration to aspiring trendsetters and would-be fashionistas. Want to infuse your look with some of Adele's retro allure? Try a few of these great beauty tips. 

Flawless skin

Part of what makes the soulful crooner's unique beauty that much more startling is her clear and luminous complexion. To imbue your skin with a similar milky white softness, consider a product like Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer. Boasting a rich blend of green tea and rooibos extracts, this exclusive treatment can leave your flesh brighter and with a smooth, more even appearance. The Daily Resurfacer also features salicylic acid, which helps empower skin against environmental aggressors like free radicals, and can help fight signs of premature aging.

Dark eyes

Adele's enviable beauty style has an old world enchantment about it that is ideal for women who want to break out of conventional standards. Her fondness for heavy dark eyeliner lends the singer a sultry air that you can easily recreate on your own. To begin, prime your eyes to ensure your color stays on and remains vibrant throughout your day. After you've primed, take a black liner and trace it along your upper lash. A winged liner effect can be more difficult to pull off, but can be done with finesse if you're careful.

"If you are doing a long wing, follow the angle from the bottom outer corner of your eye and elongate in one single sweep outwards towards the top of your ear to give a winged eye that suits your face shape," said Terry Barber, MAC's director of make-up artistry to the Daily Mail.

Before you're done, consider adding a coat of liner to your waterline, or the inner rim of your bottom lash. For more glamour, try blending liner and adding another coat for a smudgy but highly beguiling look.

Volume is in!

Recreating the singer's creamy skin and dramatic eyes will only take you so far. To truly channel Adele, you'll need to enhance your hair's girth in elegant, 60s-period big hair. Start by applying a volumizing serum to your hair that will expand your locks as strands begin to dry. Once you've worked it into your scalp, use a blow dryer over your wet mane. Finally, a round brush or heated rollers can help you get the Adele-like bounce you crave. 

"If I’m doing a big-hair look, I always set the hair on heated rollers after blow-drying," said celebrity hair stylist Mathew Alexander to the source. 




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