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Fall 2012 Hairstyle Trends


When it comes to beauty, there’s more than just makeup and skincare to think about. A trendy hairstyle puts the finishing touches on a great look and makes you just feel good. This Fall’s trendy hairstyles are sleek and controlled, every hair in its place for a sophisticated look that screams “I am beautiful!” Take a look at these suggestions and see if any of them works for you this Fall season.

The Sleek Pony

This classic hairstyle never seems to go out of style, but is all the rage this Fall season. Whether worn high on the head or low at the neck, if you have long, straight hair, this look is for you. It can be playful for a casual look or dramatic for a dressy look. It’s all about the shine with this hairstyle. The beauty of this style is it requires little effort to achieve a fabulous look. Using a flat hair brush, smooth hair back and secure with a simple hair band. Finish it off with a spritz of a lightweight hairspray like Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray to control flyaways and you’re all set!


Bangs are back, baby! Many a celebrity have been seen recently sporting bangs of all kinds and we couldn’t be happier! Bangs frame the face and accentuate the eyes. The bang of choice these days seems to be a shaggy look that hangs to the eyebrows, but any bang will do right now. A great way to control bangs and keep them looking sleek and smart is to blow them dry on low using a rounded brush.


Braids are in this Fall – any kind of braid you can think of, to be exact: regular braids, french braids, twists or any combination will certainly be fashionable. To keep layers in place while braiding, use a styling gel like Fekkai Au Naturel Sheer Styling Gel. It will add definition and control while braiding and keep hair in place all day long.





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