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Fekkai Keeps Genetically Acquired Hair in Check

ASCFekkai Keeps Genetically Acquired Hair in Check

Many people hate the hair they were born with. It’s either too curly, or too straight, or just the wrong color. Luckily, even though there isn’t much you can do about the DNA you’ve been dealt, Fekkai can help you keep that unruly mane in check. Here are a few hair facts you may not know.

Hair Loss

Even though genetics plays a large role in whether you will keep your head of hair as you age, other factors such as stress or an unhealthy diet can contribute to hair loss. If one of your parents suffers from hair loss, you might , too. If both parents carry the gene for hair loss, there’s an even greater chance you will lose yours. But, before you blame your loving parents, take a look at your lifestyle and adjust according if your negative activities and hair loss go hand in hand.

Hair Color

Genetics definitely plays a major role in determining your hair color. It’s proven that dark hair is dominant over lighter shades, and that red hair is dominant over blonde. It’s completely possible that two dark haired parents who carry recessive light haired genes can have a light-haired child.

For those unhappy with their hair color, beauty salons and the hair color aisle at your local retail store has several shades to choose from. You no longer have to live with an undesired color. Fekkai has several products designed to keep your newly acquired color moisturized and healthy looking.

Hair Texture

Genetically speaking, there’s little you can do to alter your hair’s texture. Curly hair will always be curly at the end of the day, and straight hair will still be straight when all is said and done. However, Fekkai makes it possible for you to control your luscious locks and keep them from misbehaving.

Whatever your hair care woe; too curly, too straight, or just downright unruly, you have options with Fekkai to have the head of hair you’ve always wanted.





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