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Fend off skin’s toughest foes with SkinMedica


It’s no easy thing, taking care of your skin. Sure you’ve remembered to moisturize and stay hydrated, but even still, there’s no guarantee that your complexion will stay luminous throughout the summer months. The most resilient skin can have its off days, sprouting pimples and flaky dry patches with seemingly little cause. This summer, take a stand against your skin’s wiliest foes with a few of our secret skincare tips.

Too old to use?

Did you know that skin care products can get too old? “In the US, the FDA does not regulate expiration dates on cosmetic and skincare packaging. Most people don’t know how quickly products can spoil, or that they spoil at all,” said dermatologist Ava Shamban in a recent interview with Glamour magazine. While products range in shelf life (for instance, cold cream is usually good for a year), your best bet, according to Shamban, is to keep your cream in a constant state of cool in your fridge. Just be sure you’ve got it properly labeled, otherwise you may have a kitchen mishap on your hands.

Radical renewal

Free radicals, which damage tissue cells and promote aging, can latch on to skin’s healthy cells and corrupt them from the inside, making them one of your complexions most dangerous enemies. With a product rich in vitamins and antioxidants like SkinMedica Vitamin C + E Complex, you can give your skin the infusion of energy that it needs rid your visage of these troublemakers for good. The complex’s synergy of vitamins C and E can help fend off free radicals and promote collagen production. The vitamin E element in the complex also pulls double duty – working tirelessly to trigger cell renewal even as it moisturizes the roughest parts of your skin.


So much of your face demands attention daily, and because of that it can be easy to overlook the other areas of your skin, like your hands, neck and chest. But especially as we age, it’s important that we incorporate these areas into our daily beauty routines. “Body skin doesn’t regenerate as quickly as facial skin because it has fewer hair follicles and oil glands,” said dermatologist Fredric Brandt in a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine. For aging skin, increased sun exposure can leave blood vessel walls weak and vulnerable to attack from outside pollutants. To offset this, try an all-over skin cream rich in retinols to help improve skin’s texture and tone.




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