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Get happily ever after beauty tips with Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale

Actress Kristen Stewart stars as the titular princess of the recently released "Snow White and the Huntsman." This remake of the famous fable may leave you craving an infusion of fairy tale wonder into your beauty routine. Feel like your look already rivals that of a modern day Snow White? Replenish your coal-like locks, milky skin and vibrant lips with a few of our secret beauty tips.

Fairest of them all

A Snow White skin tone may work just fine if you're hiding out in the darkest corners of the Forbidden Forest, but for those of us forced to brave the open sunlight, a complexion that is fairest of them all can make it easy to detect any unevenly shaded areas. For a foundation that will match your skin tone, try a product like Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base. Talc-free and devoid of dyes commonly found in other bases, Pure Pressed's all-in-one coverage powder will help protect your fair tone from the sun and diffuse light, allowing you to gain multifaceted color.

Spellbinding hues

After one bite from a poisoned apple, Snow White fell into an enchanted sleep that only true love's kiss could break. Break your months of pining for Prince Charming with a product like Jane Iredale Pure Gloss in a vivacious red that is the color of a candy apple. Full of antioxidants and pure mineral pigments, Jane Iredale's gloss will help give your pucker shimmering color and leave lips smelling fragrant. For added definition, trace the contours of your lip with a pencil or crayon in a light pink or rose color. One kiss won't be enough to break the spell you'll cast.

Fairy tale tresses

In the original fable by the Brothers Grimm, Snow White's mother wished for her then-unborn daughter to have hair black as night. Pitted against a fair complexion, dark hair provides a strikingly vivid contrast that will help you stand out, and not just in a room filled with dwarves. Nourish your silken tresses with a conditioning formula rich in soy and milk proteins. The organic elements will help to enliven strands against breakage and damage, as well as protect color from fading with time. 




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