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Get Natalie Portman’s Healthy Glow with Bare Minerals


Today’s look is all about natural beauty. The more “un-made” but flawless you look, the better. Achieving that kind of look depends on the kind of makeup you use; less is more if you want a look that’s fresh and beautiful.

Makeup artists to stars like Natalie Portman know a natural look begins with lightweight, sheer products like those found in the Bare Minerals line. Made from fine powders and minerals, Bare Minerals makeup not only makes you look good, they’re good for your skin, too. Anyone can achieve Natalie’s clean, fresh, natural look with Bare Minerals.

Natalie begins her look with a clean, moisturized face. This step is very important in order for the powder base to conceal and last all day. Choose a shade that best matches your skin tone and apply with a brush. Work in a small circular motion and apply the base all over your face. The key to a great finish is using as little powder on the brush as possible and blend.

For the next step, Natalie applies blush in a shade that flatters her skin tone. Again, using a brush, apply the blush in a small circular motion to the cheek bones, blending as you go. You want to apply just enough to give you a nice glow, but not so much that you can tell you’re wearing blush.

The eyes are next. You can apply a color shadow if you want, or just leave your lids natural. A quick application of mascara is enough to finish this look, but you can also apply eye liner for a more dramatic look. Natalie uses a black eye liner and mascara to enhance her beautiful eyes and make them pop.

The last step is applying a light shade of lipstick or a clear gloss. All you want to do here is make your lips look supple and dewy. Your natural look should not include any bright colors that draw attention to a specific part of the face. Natalie’s look is well-balanced and fresh, enhancing her natural beauty.

Whether heading out for a day in the park or a night on the town, this natural look works. With a little practice and Bare Minerals, you will be able to have this flawless look, too!





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