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Get Noticeably Brighter Skin with SkinMedica Skin Brightening Complex


Age spots, dark spots, photoaging, freckles, “pregnancy mask” – these are all skin discolorations that can make your skin appear older. They can even cause emotional distress, especially when they appear on the face. Many women suffer from one or several of these skin afflictions, so SkinMedica has developed a product to help. It’s called Lytera Skin Brightening Complex, and it’s proven to thoroughly brighten skin.

Proven Results

Lytera is clinically tested, with most women users satisfied with their results. The unique formula targets the appearance of dark spots on all skin types. Containing antioxidants to fight damage from free radicals and protect skin from future damage, and acting as a mild exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells and dulling dirt and oil, Lytera leaves skin radiant.

Because Lytera is hydroquinone-free, it is one of the most effective skin discoloration products available without a prescription and will not cause irritation to already sensitive skin. In addition to reducing discoloration, it also evens skintone and the overall condition of your skin. Many women see significant results in as little as four weeks, and have continued improvement with regular use.

How to use Lytera Skin Brightening Complex

A regular skincare regimen is important for optimal skin health. Follow these steps to achieve brighter, more radiant skin with Lytera.


  1. Cleanse your face.
  2. Apply Lytera to areas with discoloration – face, neck, decollete.
  3. Finish up with your moisturizer and a sunscreen to skin hydrated and protected from further sun damage and dark spots.


  1. Cleanse your face.
  2. Apply Lytera to areas with discoloration – face, neck, decollete.
  3. Apply a product that contains retinoids like SkinMedica Tri-Retinol Complex ES to fight fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Apply your favorite moisturizer or night cream.

If skin discolorations are causing you emotional distress, and you’d like to see if Lytera is right for you, seek the advice of your physician or skin care specialist. They can help you decide which product will work best for you. Don’t let age spots make you look older than you feel. Get your youth back by trying Lytera.





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