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Get Selena Gomez’s beauty style with Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale

With the television series Wizards of Waverly Place, actress Selena Gomez quickly became a teen sensation. The Texas-born stunner has since branched out to film, appearing in the 2010 film Ramona and Beezus and the 2011 film Monte Carlo. With her rising celebrity status, Gomez has also had the opportunity to explore new fashion and beauty trends. Consider a few of our tips to recreate Gomez's luminous, youthful style.

Creamy complexion

One of Gomez's most distinctive beauty looks is her clear and flawless skin. To nourish and match your skin's shade, try a product like Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation. Unlike normal foundations, this remarkable product comes in bead form and won't leave behind an uneven residue.

What's so special about beads? The beads actually contained encapsulated liposomes and other active ingredients, which when released slowly over your skin can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Equally, this foundation features an innovative light-diffusing formula that can help rejuvenate skin's cellular layers. For multidimensional color that will cloak your blemishes and give you a creamy complexion like Gomez's, Jane Iredale has you covered.

Get textured waves

If you have thick hair or an oval-shaped face like Gomez, a cascade of long curls can be a stunning and remarkably easy addition to your look. Before styling your hair, consider visiting your hairstylist for textured layers – this will enhance your locks and allow them to really stand out. Using a product that will protect against thermal damage, take a curling iron to the tips of your strands and loosely twist them into a spiral shape. Give your hair an extra shine with spray and you'll be as vibrant looking as Gomez when you step out your door.

Full lips

On the red carpet, Gomez shows off more than just her keen sense of style. In addition to her blemish-free skin and lustrous dark mane, the young star has a naturally full pout that always draws attention. If your lips are your favorite feature, accent them with remarkable colors like deep red or a cooling nude. To ensure that your lips are moisturized beforehand, try Baronessa Cali Panarea Lip Balm. Rich with alluring olive oil and fragrant with the smell of white wine, this refreshing balm offers SPF protection from harmful UV rays, a must for your smacker! 




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