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Get Smoother, Softer Skin with Baronessa Cali Oliva Green

ASCGet Smoother, Softer Skin with Baronessa Cali Oliva Green

It is every woman’s dream to have touchable soft, silky smooth skin, and Baronessa Cali Oliva Green makes that possible. Created with extracts of Italian olive oil, Baronessa Cali skincare products leave skin soft, smooth and firm.

Oliva Green

The Baronessa Cali Oliva Green line of products are a result of homemade recipes handed down from generation to generation on the Cali Beauty Farm on the outskirts of Rome by the Mediterranean Sea. Since their creation, the philosophy has been to treat the outside and the inside of the body with the same care while using the finest ingredients.

Italian Olive Oil

The primary ingredient in Baronessa Cali products is olive oil. Olive oil contains some of the most nourishing ingredients for the skin so it look radiant and healthy and feels fabulous.

  • Vitamin A – An antioxidant with protective qualities to help skin regenerate. Vitamin A increases elasticity so skin is soft and looks younger.
  • Vitamin E – An antioxidant with superior moisturizing properties that helps prevent skin irritation and inflammation.
  • Beta Carotene – An antioxidant with protective qualities, especially from UV damage and photoaging.
  • Squalene – An excellent moisturizer that lubricates and helps reduce skin irritation.

These ingredients combined leave your skin and hair soothed, softened, stimulated, healed, toned and firmed – without a greasy texture. Wintertime can be cruel to your skin and hair. Dry indoor heat saps it of vital moisture that keeps it soft and young. With Baronessa Cali Oliva Green, you do not have to worry about your skin becoming uncomfortable to live in. With regular use, your skin is healthy and happy.

For a limited time, receive a free $20 gift certificate with your purchase of $100 or more. This gift certificate is good toward a future purchase from our store. Baronessa Cali products also make great Christmas gifts.





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