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Glominerals: Natural, Healthy, Beautiful


If you spend time each day applying makeup, touching up makeup, and covering up blemishes, you know just how damaging the wrong cosmetics can be. Typical cosmetics can blog pores and contain chemicals that aren’t good for the skin. The result is a vicious cycle: apply makeup, makeup causes blemishes and irritation, apply more makeup to cover the problem. Even with consistent cleansing, applying cosmetics made with chemicals and pore-blocking oils will lead to breakouts and sensitive skin.

Within the last ten years, a new breed of cosmetics has emerged: mineral makeup. Mineral makeup, designed to be good for the skin, is made with minerals found in nature like mica, titanium dioxide, zinc, and iron. These naturally occurring minerals redefine the way cosmetics are made because they contain wonderful healing and rejuvenating properties that not only make the skin look more beautiful, but are actually good for the skin.

Many cosmetic companies have realized the benefits of mineral makeup and now sell their own lines of mineral cosmetics. The extent to which these products benefit the skin vary from company to company, but there is no doubt that mineral makeup is much better for your skin. One retailer of mineral cosmetics is Glominerals. Glominerals carries a complete line of mineral cosmetics from bases to concealers to eyeshadows.

Using Glominerals, you can expect these benefits:

  • natural, lightweight coverage
  • long-lasting all-day coverage
  • hypo-allergenic – won’t clog pores or cause breakouts
  • non-drying
  • no harmful chemicals or residue to cause skin irritation.
  • protection from the sun since many mineral products are UV resistant
  • silky-smooth finish
  • allows skin to breathe and helps skin regenerate new skin cells
  • heals
  • excellent for all skin types

Because mineral cosmetics offer such numerous benefits, many women are choosing them over synthetic cosmetics more and more. Even cosmetologists and dermatologists agree that using mineral cosmetics like Glominerals will improve the overall health and beauty of your skin, leaving it with a smooth, natural-looking complexion.




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