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Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day with gloMinerals

St. Patrick's Day gloMinerals

You know what happens on St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t wear green, don’t you? That’s right – you get pinched! Don’t be the one that gets pinched all day long this year. Add a little flair to your St. Patty’s Day repertoire by wearing green eye makeup from gloMinerals. You’ll be stylin’; you’ll look fabulous, and you won’t get pinched!

Here’s how to wear popping green eye makeup for each eye color:

Green Eyes

The trick to wearing green eye shadow with green eyes is to find a shade that contrasts with the color of your eyes. If your eyes are dark green, choose a lighter shade like jade. For light green eyes, emerald or olive greens look great.

Brown Eyes

There are two ways to go green with brown eyes. Most brown eyes really pop when blue-green shades of eye shadow are applied. The blue tones help bring out the orange-y highlights hidden in brown eyes. If your brown eyes have a touch of hazel in them, choose yellow-green shades.

Blue Eyes

Almost any shade goes well with blue eyes, and green is no different. Dark blue eyes look fabulous when paired with hunter-green colors. The contrast will actually brighten these dark pools of blue. For light blue eyes, opt for a mossy-green.

Depending on what time of day it is and where you’re headed, you may want to tone your look down (for work, maybe), or amp it up (for a night out). Your green look can go from day to night with just a few little additions once the work day is through.

When applying your shadow and eyeliner in the morning, less is more. You want your co-workers to notice your effort to celebrate the holiday, but you don’t want the look to scream at them.

After work, there’s no need to remove your daytime makeup – just add to it. Go darker with the eye shadow and thicker with the eyeliner. Create a smoky eye look with your darkest green and smudge your eyeliner for really dramatic eyes. Add another coat of mascara and you’re all set for a night on the town.

If you don’t own any green eye shadow, it’s time you did. You can find great green eye shadow shades from gloMinerals by visiting our store here.

Astonishing Skincare is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by giving you 20% off your entire order with coupon code MH20 (excludes Jane Iredale products). Visit our store and enter the coupon code at checkout.

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