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Have a Spa-like Experience at Home with Zents

ASCHave a Spa-like Experience at Home with Zents

In a world running full speed ahead all the time, it can be difficult to find down time to pamper yourself at the spa. Those candle-lit soaks in the whirlpool with soft, relaxing music playing in the background seem like a distant memory for those who have little time outside of work and family. The good news is, even if you don’t have time to get to the spa, you can reproduce the experience at home with Zents.

Zents is a luxurious line of therapeutic line of body care products infused with sophisticated fragrances that help you have a full spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Zents is the only company that combines spa-grade body care ingredients with designer fragrances for superior relaxation and skin care.

Some of the most elite boutiques and spas throughout the country use Zents in their shops and many of the world’s hottest celebrities use Zents products themselves.

Begin your at home spa experience with a bath and Zents Shower and Hand Wash. This sumptuously fragrant, rich body wash is formulated with enriching, all-natural ingredients for smooth and soft skin. Herbal extracts help detoxify and gently exfoliate skin while essential oils calm skin and renew the mind and body.

Zents Body Oil is a spray on elixir that leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Jojoba, safflower, sunflower and grapeseed oils give skin a gorgeous, healthy sheen.

Finish your spa experience and settle your mind with Zents Attar. Rooted in ancient ┬áPersia, the word attar means ‘to smell pretty.’ This highly concentrated roll-on scent, added to pulse-points, is the perfect way to end a relaxing spa experience because the scents will remind you of calming and relaxing times.

When you don’t have the time or money to treat yourself to a day at the spa, create one for yourself at home with Zents. Once you do, you might forgo future visits to the spa and trust Zents to take you away from it all.





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