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Help your guy conquer The Art of Shaving

Art of Shaving

A hundred years ago, men ran straight razors against straps of leather to ensure their blades achieved the sharpness needed for a close, even shave. Comparatively, men of today have really lucked out. From electric razors to fragarant after-shaves, men now have the ability to indulge their inner metrosexual with products that add flair to the function of hair removal. While your guy may think lavender after-shave or a creamy balm is too girly for his tastes, with a few of these tricks you may be able to turn him on to products specially designed to give him the manliest shave out there.


Whether he prefers a beard or stumbles into it after a couple of days spent beneath a 5 o'clock shadow, it's time to let him know loud and clear that summer is no time for a thick set of whiskers. Steer him toward an exfoliant that will help unclog his pores of any thickly settled dirt or dead skin. Next, with an oil-free product like The Art of Shaving's Pre Shave Ocean Kelp, he can continue to prep his beard for a flawless shave while keeping his fingertips grease-free.

Treating nicks and burns

Dull blades are usually the culprit behind razor-related catastrophes, but sometimes shaving after a hot shower can lead to swelling in the skin, which increases the likelihood of getting cuts or ingrown hairs. If he's sporting more nicks on his face than shaving cream, try helping him out with The Art of Shaving's Alum Block. This follow-up to the Pre Shave features mineral and antiseptic components which can calm irritated skin and ensure his cheeks are smooth to your touch. 




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