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Imedeen – Beauty from Within

Imedeen works on the basic premise that healthy skin is great looking skin. Instead of working from the outside like most beauty products, their products are taken orally and work from below the surface of the skin. Working from within means that results last longer. The effects are not superficial but improve the skin’s health while improving quality, structure and appearance.
Their products counter the negative effects of devastating UV rays, pollution, nutritional neglect, alcohol consumption and smoking to the skin. This is achieved with the use of vitamins, anti-oxidants, various herbal extracts and an exclusive Biomarine Complex. Biomarine Complex is rich in proteins and polysaccharides similar to those naturally found in the skin’s supporting tissue. This helps with moisture and structure.

For almost two decades Imedeen has been a leader in skincare supplements. They can be used alone or together with your regular skin care regiments for optimal results.




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