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iS Clinical Cosmeceutical

The popular skincare brand iS Clinical is a cosmeceutical product line by Innovative Skincare. Cosmeceutical products usually undergo a strict clinical testing phase before being made available on the market. For this reason, their results are often greater than that of typical cosmetics.
Cosmeceutical companies like Innovative Skincare take the scientific approach to skincare. They enlist the services of top pharmacologists and physicians. Their products are used to treat acne, dry skin, oxidative stress, pigmentary disorders, Rosacea, chafing, burns, uneven complexion, skin aging and even scar tissue. Some of their treatment programs are recommended by oncologists to post operation cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. At the correct dosage, their products can have help the recovery of surgical incisions and minimize scarring.

iS Clinical has an extensive line of products that can be categorized into four beneficial groups engineered to cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect. Their products are available online at AstonishingSkinCare.com.




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