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Jack Black for Men’s Skin

Men’s and women’s skin is different. But, contrary to popular beliefs, this is not always in favor of men. Jack Black skin care products provide men with uncomplicated, real solutions with immediate results.
First of all, men have bigger pores. These are more prone to clogging up. This requires products that are more adept at unclogging pores and dealing with blackheads. A man’s skin also has the tendency to be oilier. Men’s faces can produce up to 20 percent more oil than woman’s face. Men’s skincare products often come with oil controlling elements or are oil-free. Finally, men are harsher to their facial skin. Men have to shave daily in order to maintain a clean appearance. Shaving cream shouldn’t only protect the face against razor burn, nicks and cuts but it should treat blemishes and razor bumps.
Jack Black products for men are designed specifically with these considerations and more in mind.




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