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Jane Marini can help you recreate Mila Kunis’ beauty style

Jane Marini

With the hit series That 70's Show, actress Mila Kunis quickly rose to fame. The Ukrainian-born star followed up her appearance with roles in the 2010 Darren Aronofsky film Black Swan, where she played the sultry rival of the film's protagonist, and in the 2012 film Ted. Kunis' laidback style has made her an inspiration to young women, yet her ability to morph from casual cool to ultra-chic has shown how versatile she can be on the red carpet. Consider a few of these tips to recreate her alluring style.

That 70s 'do

Kunis' dark-colored hair has been her staple since hitting the Hollywood scene, and the actress frequently keeps her tresses in a straight style that hearkens back to the 1970s. To recreate this look at home, begin by dousing your hair in a volumizing spray that will prevent it from becoming dull or lifeless later on. While you can use a straight iron to gain that coveted super-sleek appearance, a blow dryer can also be used. Grab a round brush and proceed to use both brush and dryer over damp strands until your whole mane has been styled. You'll have Kunis' stunning locks in no time.

Bold lashes

Want long, dark lashes like Kunis' own that will bring out the shades of your eyes? With a product like Jan Marini Marini Lash, you can seamlessly enhance the length of your lashes. Containing a blend of proprietary peptide and other essential ingredients, the product's non-prostaglandin based eyelash formula can revolutionize the way you approach lash growth. Simply apply Marini Lash to upper lashes, beginning at the root, for lush look that will leave your peepers more astonishing than ever before.

Smoldering color

Your newly-lengthened lashes deserve to be shown off, and what better way to do that than with a few color cues taken from Kunis' beauty style? The actress often sports dark shadow and liner, which is an ideal complement to her hazel-hued eyes. To duplicate this, consider a rich brown liner, which you can draw over your lids to the far corners of your peepers.

For a shimmery effect, gently blend bronzer against your lids, and combine a black liner with brown for textured dimension. Add black mascara to lashes for an unbelievable finish that will leave you in awe. 




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