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Keep Calluses at Bay with Tweezerman

ASCKeep Calluses at Bay with Tweezerman

Calluses are unsightly and can cause pain, especially on feet. Ill-fitting shoes rub skin constantly and can cause skin to harden in defense, leaving you with calluses. Winter is especially hard on feet, so giving your feet a little extra TLC during the cold months of winter and making sure you take care of calluses early will help you have beautiful, summer-ready feet that you’ll be proud to show off when the weather warms up!

Step 1

Shoes. Wearing a pair of shoes that do not fit correctly, or put pressure on certain parts of your feet can cause calluses in a hurry. High heeled shoes are the worst because as they elevate the heel, all the pressure is transferred to the balls of the feet. Avoid high heeled shoes if you can, and wear shoes that hug your feet, not strangle them. If the shoe feels too tight, it probably is. Opt for a larger size, but not too big because friction caused by rubbing can cause blisters and eventually calluses, too.

Step 2

Get rid of developing calluses before they have a chance to get worse. Despite your best efforts, calluses can form anyway. If you notice a patch of hardened skin, take care of it quickly before it becomes a full-grown callus. Soften the skin in warm water Рyou can do this during normal bathing. Once the hardened skin has softened, use a callus stone like Tweezerman Callus Stone to brush away the affected skin.  Once the dead skin is removed, the underlying skin will be soft and smooth.

Step 3

After bathing, even if you do not have to remove rough skin, moisturize your feet. Moisturizing is the best way to prevent calluses and damage for soft, smooth feet. When you are done bathing and feet are clean, apply a thick moisturizer to damp skin. This will help lock in the moisture from bathing and help prevent calluses and rough patches that tend to form from every day stress.

Another way to keep feet especially moisturized is to apply a thick layer of a good moisturizer at night before bed. Put socks on your feet to keep the moisturizer close to your skin. By morning, your feet will be smooth and beautiful.





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