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Lashes Have More Volume, More Length with Blinc Mascara Amplified


It can be said that mascara is one of a girl’s best friends. Without long, thick, luscious lashes, no look is complete. That’s why we’re super excited to announce blinc mascara AMPLIFIED. With a decade of research and development behind this awesome product, lashes appear longer and thicker than ever before!

The original “Kiss Me” blinc mascara coated each individual lash with a glossy, volumizing, extending layer, and blinc mascara AMPLIFIED is no different. The revolutionary formula coats each lash with a “tube” of mascara that when dry resists smudging, sweating, water, and flaking for perfect lashes all day long. Women have come to trust blinc mascara, and this is why.

Improvements over the original Kiss Me mascara means it applies more like traditional mascaras. This means you can apply as many coats as you want to achieve some of the most dramatic looks. And, because it’s not a “wet” formula, you can reapply whenever you need. Blinc mascara AMPLIFIED is truly a must-have for every women’s beauty arsenal.

You may think that removing this mascara would be difficult. After all, it does provide all day wear without ever coming off, no matter what you do. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Blinc mascara AMPLIFIED comes off easily with water. That’s right! Water!

All you have to do is apply a little warm water to lashes and gently pull the tubes off your lashes. You’ll actually see each tiny tube in your hand! What’s even better is there will be no messy black residue left behind!

Don’t live with skimpy lashes one second longer. Add blinc mascara AMPLIFIED to you makeup collection and apply as little or as much as you want.  Your eyes have never looked so beautiful!




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