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Longer, Thicker Lashes in 5 Easy Steps


Longer, thicker lashes are coveted by every female, but achieving them when you’re not one of the lucky ones born with them can be difficult. Often, the end result resembles crusty spider leg-looking appendages sticking out from the eyelids rather than sexy, luxuriously full come-hither lashes. It’s frustrating, we know. All you want is to look beautiful and instead, you look like Queen of the Spiders.

Have faith, ladies. Those skimpy lashes can be a thing of the past if you follow these five easy steps that show you how to get longer, thicker looking lashes that scream “Look at me!” instead of making people run away screaming. It’s Halloween season, yes, but there’s no reason you should look the part, so listen up!

Step 1: Curl those lashes!

Grab that eyelash curler you’ve had for ages and put it to use. Position it as close to your upper eyelid as possible without pinching the skin and squeeze gently for a couple of seconds. Release and move it out a little bit and repeat. Repeat once or twice more moving the curler farther toward the tips of your lashes until you reach the end. If your lashes are on the thin side, apply a coat of primer like Revitalash Volumizing Primer.

Step 2: Apply mascara.

Using your favorite mascara, place the brush at the base of your lashes. Wiggle the brush from side to side gently to work it in between the lashes and then brush straight up to the tips. Apply two or three coats making sure to allow at least two minutes drying time in between.

Step 3: Comb and separate.

Between each coat and after the mascara has dried, use an eyelash comb to separate and feather the to quarter of your lashes. If you want to keep your mascara from smudging or running throughout the day, make your last coat of the waterproof variety.

Step 4: More volume!

If your lashes still aren’t as voluminous as you’d like, this is the time to glue an eyelash flare at the outer corner of your eyes right at the lash line.

Step 5: Make them pop!

To finish the look and make the eyes pop, hold the mascara brush vertically and swipe across the lower lashes from inner corner to outer. A good mascara to use is Mascara by Revitalash. It adds volume and definition without clumping.





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