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More Men Are Realizing the Importance of Good Skincare


Apparently, women aren’t the only ones concerned with the effects of aging and looking younger. Sales of men’s skincare products are on the rise as they grow increasingly concerned with looking good. According to a recent study conducted by the NPD Group, men are willing to shell out more money for skincare products than ever before.

Starter kits like Jack Black Core Collection Gift Pack  topped sales; a good indication that more and more men are crossing the facial skincare frontier. Facial moisturizers, eye treatments and SPF’s followed a close second. Men are wising up to how damaging the environment can be and are finally taking charge of their skin.

Many high-end skincare companies recognize this change in trends and are now manufacturing  lines of products geared toward the more rugged gender. Scents like sandlewood and lemon prevail and packaging is manly in blues, reds and yellows. Many products are designed for more than one purpose, such as moisturizers that contain SPF so men don’t have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror applying several different products or all over body lotions and creams to hydrate skin quickly. Just because a man is concerned with his skin’s health doesn’t mean he wants to spend any extra time on it.

As this trend continues to grow, it’s probable that we’ll start seeing more and more lines designed specifically for men. The fairer sex no longer has free reign of the beauty industry. It’s time to move over ladies. The men are movin’ in!

A word of advice to women everywhere: what used to be a taboo subject is now something the two of you can discuss together. Soap and water isn’t cutting it any longer for your man. Don’t be afraid to buy him skincare products that will help him look and feel younger, too.




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