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Obagi NuDerm Hydrate Provides Continuous Hydration

ASCObagi NuDerm Hydrate Provides Continuous Hydration

If your skin tends to get dry, itchy and irritated during the winter months, Obagi NuDerm Hydrate may help. Winter can be unkind to skin; dry indoor heat saps skin of moisture while the cold, windy outdoor environment leaves skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. There are things you can do to counteract the effects of winter on your skin, but hydration is key in keeping skin from becoming a desert war zone you don’t want to be in.

A good all-over moisturizer is your best bet for fighting off flaky, irritated skin this season. One we recommend is Obagi NuDerm Hydrate. This product has the ability to provide your skin with continuous moisuture all day long, protecting it from the drying effects of dry indoor and outdoor air.

NuDerm Hydrate’s ability to deliver all-day moisture comes from Hydromanil, a multi-action agent derived from tara seed. Tara seed is known to gradually deliver moisture to the skin over extended periods, which makes this product an optimal winter skin moisturizer.

Also contained in NuDerm Hydrate is shea butter, mango butter, avocado and glycerin, all of which work to combat skin dryness. Together, these ingredients pack a powerful punch to leave skin feeling soft, supple and comfortable. ¬†Of course, NuDerm Hydrate is also non-irritating, non-sensitizing, allergy tested, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin. Obagi created NuDerm Hydrate with all skin types in mind.

Get a jump on dry winter skin. Don’t wait for it to get bad before you treat. Stop dry skin in its tracks with Obagi NuDerm Hydrate and enjoy comfortably, soft skin all winter long.





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