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Shave your man for Christmas

Shave your man for Christmas

Is your man getting a little hairy around the edges? With Christmas right around the corner, women may want to help their men maintain a fresh face and promote healthy hygiene at the same time… unless they're a fan of the mutton chops.

Gift the man in your life with the Art of Shaving Fusion Chrome Collection Power Shave Set. November, also known as the no shave month is officially over, which means they have no excuse now! For some ladies, there is nothing sexier than a full bush of beard, but others may believe it is time to shave it off and keep it off.

Splurge on the Art of Shaving kit, which comes with a pre-shave oil pump, shaving cream pump, genuine badger shaving brush and an after-shave balm pump. The pump bottles are ready and waiting to be filled with the scent you or him love and make the daily task of shaving a decadent treat.

Keep those chiseled cheeks and strong chins artfully smooth by making the daily regimen a pleasurable task.  




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