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Spring Hair Care Tips

hair care

While thoughts of spring center around warmer temperatures, sunshine and flowers, it can be a daunting time for your hair. You’ve just spent the last several months protecting it from bitter cold, wind and dry air, and are probably looking forward to spring, if only for better hair days. Unfortunately, spring weather can be just as trying for your tresses, so here are a few spring hair care tips that can help.


With spring comes more humid air. You’re probably no stranger to the effects humidity has on hair, so now is the time to take stock of your hair care products and choice of style, and make adjustments where necessary.

For instance, if your hair is naturally curly and it tends to curl even more in humid weather, choose a style that embraces your curls. If your hair is typically straight, but humidity causes it to frizz or curl uncontrollably, choose a style that incorporates large, loose curls on more humid days.

You may want to try a styling product such as Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Sheer Shine Mist to help fight the adverse effects of humidity.


Spring seems to be a windy season, for sure. You work so hard styling your hair only to go out and have those strong seasonal winds grab hold and whip it willy-nilly. Not only does your hair look a mess, it’s damaged as well.

Wind causes split ends and saps hair of vital moisture. To protect those locks and keep them looking great all day, wear a scarf when you go outside on windy days and use products designed to protect and hold. We really like Fekkai Full Blown Volume Styling Whip for its super plumping and holding ability.

Sun & Heat

After a long winter, nothing feels better than the warm sun on your skin. However, just as it’s damaging to your skin, it’s damaging to your hair. The sun dries out hair, making it dull and frizzy.

To keep your hair looking healthy, even after hours in the sun, try Fekkai Summer Hair After Sun Daily Mask. The rich formula protects those lovely locks from the sun’s UV rays and protects against split ends.

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