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Discover the Facts About Dark Circles Around the Eyes

dark under eye circles

You may do a good job of hiding those dark circles around your eyes, but do you really know why they’re there? Is it lack of sleep, stress, genetics or some other skincare anomaly? Dark circles around the eyes have several causes, so let’s discuss them and what you can do to make them less […]

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Lashes Have More Volume, More Length with Blinc Mascara Amplified


It can be said that mascara is one of a girl’s best friends. Without long, thick,¬†luscious¬†lashes, no look is complete. That’s why we’re super excited to announce blinc mascara AMPLIFIED. With a decade of research and development behind this awesome product, lashes appear longer and thicker than ever before! The original “Kiss Me” blinc mascara […]

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How to Apply Eye Creams

ASC How to Apply Eye Creams

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. We’re not completely sure they lead to the soul, but they are definitely the most prominent feature on your face. They are also one of the first places to show fine lines and wrinkles. This is because the skin around the eyes […]

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Three Individual Looks with Jane Iredale Mystikols

woman applying mascara

When it comes to applying makeup, most women find a look that suits them and then stick with it. Whether casual, professional or evening, the makeup never changes. Why change what works, right? Well, with Jane Iredale Mystikols, you can easily create different looks to suit any occasion. In the following video, you’ll see how […]

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How to Apply Mascara Correctly

woman holding eyelash curler

No look is complete without a coat or two of mascara. The problem with mascara is, if not applied correctly it can look like a spider crawled up on your eye and decided to stay a while. Clumpy lashes are not attractive lashes, so follow the steps below to learn how to apply mascara correctly […]

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