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Taking advantage of nighttime skin rejuvenation

Taking advantage of nighttime skin rejuvenation

Many women put a significant amount of effort into looking their best in the morning so they can arrive to work looking polished and professional. However, the same amount of care should also be dedicated to your nighttime beauty routine.

The natural cycle of skin rejuvenation occurs overnight, and in order for this process to function optimally, it is essential for the body to be at rest. This is the basis of the term "beauty sleep" – without it, your complexion can look worn and dull the next day.

In addition to making sure you get at least eight hours of sleep each night, you can prep your skin so it is ready to support the cell renewal process. By using a moisturizer every evening, your pores can stay hydrated and fresh.

The Babor Advanced Biogen Night Cream can kick start your skin's metabolism and visibly minimize the appearance of fine lines. Just apply a layer of the product after washing your face and using a toner. With a solid bedtime beauty routine, you'll look dazzling in the morning! 




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