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The difference between night and day cream

The difference between night and day cream

Ever wondered what the differences between night and day cream are and considered cutting one out? Well, there are several unique characteristics that justify keeping both products instead of relying on one option.

Day creams, such as Babor Advanced Biogen Day Cream, protect the skin on our faces from harmful environmental factors, often referred to as free radicals, which accelerate skin damage and age the epidermis. These elements include pollution, UV rays, stress and dirt that can cause deterioration. Day creams should include a good SPF to protect against complications caused by the sun.

Night creams, such as Babor Advanced Biogen Night Cream, are heavier in consistency because they're full of rich antioxidants and moisturizers that hydrate the skin, which becomes dry throughout the day. The body naturally repairs itself at night, and a night cream assists by increasing available vitamins, healthy oils and moisture for the skin. The compounds assist in strengthening our skin's natural barrier against outside elements.

Invest in both a day and night cream to prevent prematurely aging skin.




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