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The Rundown on Men’s Skincare


When you think of skincare, what immediately comes to mind? Women, right? The beauty and skincare industry is a largely woman-dominated industry where skincare manufacturers compete for every feminine dime. Men are not typically as concerned with the health of their skin, but recent studies have shown that is changing. Other countries like Japan have noticed a huge increase in the sale of men’s skincare products leading researchers to agree that men actually do care how they look.

Jack Black, a skincare line of products geared toward the masculine side of our species is making skincare for men simple. The products are made with a man’s rough and tough skin in mind, with manly scents and good for the skin ingredients. Men have some of the same concerns as women when it comes to acne and aging, so why not jump on the bandwagon and look their best, too?

Here’s the Rundown on Male Skincare

  •  Sun damage: Even though a man’s skin is typically “tougher” than a woman’s, it can still suffer UV damage from the sun. Dry, leathery, wrinkly skin is caused by the sun’s rays and unprotected skin is at risk for serious disorders like skin cancer. Tough or not, men should definitely make using a sunscreen part of their regular skincare regimen. Using it daily will save years on your skin – and possibly your life!
  • Smoking, alcohol and other environmental pollutants accelerate the aging process. Products containing anti-oxidants are just as good for male skin as they are for the more feminine variety. Adding a good moisturizer that contains free radical fighting anti-oxidants will greatly reduce and prevent the signs of aging.
  • It’s no secret that men usually work in some of the most filthy places. They work hard and their skin shows it. Regular, good cleansing is the first step to healthy skin. Avoid using bar soap on your face because it’s very drying and opt instead for a gentle cleanser made for your manly skin.
  • Shaving is rough on delicate facial skin, no matter how manly you think you are. Learn to shave the right way and use products that lubricate and calm the skin. Always make sure your razor is super sharp before shaving.

Men can be manly, it’s what they do best. Having a good skincare routine isn’t just a feminine thing anymore. Men want to look their best and stay young looking, too. There’s no shame in that!





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