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Treat Yourself to a Spa-Like Experience at Home

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We love the spa; the soothing music, the rich creams and oil, the smells, the relaxing atmosphere: it’s the perfect way to decompress and leave all your cares behind for a little while. You come out feeling refreshed and recharged. The downside to going to the spa is the expense. Although worth it occasionally, going to the spa every time you need to wash the stress away can get expensive. So, we’ve thrown together a little how-to so you can have the same relaxing experience in your own home and not have to spend a great deal of money to feel like a new woman. Be sure to check out the wonderful products from Yonka for a professional spa-like experience.

Supply Checklist

  • Long handled bath brush
  • Loofah or terrycloth washcloth
  • Bath salts
  • Essential oils
  • Lotions and moisturizers
  • Coarse sea salt
  • Something cold to drink

Essential Oils

Essential oils are made from the petals of flowers and are very good for the skin. In addition, they are pleasantly scented to stimulate your sense of smell. Essential oils stimulate circulation and give the skin a healthy vitality that rejuvenates it and help it eliminate waste matter and regenerate healthy cells.

To use essential oils, add a few drops to a bowl of water. Soak a washcloth in the mixture and then apply as a compress to the face, neck or other part of the body. Never apply essential oils directly to the skin. Leave the compress on for five minutes and repeat as often as desired. Afterward, apply a rich moisturizer to face and body to seal in the benefits and keep skin moist. Select essential oils that stimulate your senses and create a calming effect on your mind.

Body Scrubs and Bath Salts

A few drops of essential oil can be added to bath salts to create an exhilarating body scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells from skin. Exfoliating increases circulation and signals the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and excess water from the body.

Another effective body scrub is made by mixing ground sea salt with a stimulating essential oil such as juniper, grapefruit, lemon or thyme and then adding just enough water to make a paste. Apply the mixture all over the body in a small, circular motion to stimulate circulation and slough off dead skin cells. Be sure to rinse thoroughly after application.

After using these methods, your skin will feel revitalized and healthy. You will be relaxed and recharged. Don’t forget to include some relaxing meditation music and a couple candles for the perfect in-home spa experience.





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