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What You Need to Know about Inflammation

ASCWhat You Need to Know about Inflammation

Inflammation – it’s not a desirable skin issue, but did you know it’s necessary to the health and healing of your skin? We know it’s not pretty, and if it lasts a long time can lead to some other more serious skincare concerns, but inflammation of the skin is vital to the healing process, so a little goes a long way. Here are some facts about skin inflammation you may not know.

  1. Inflammation is the body’s way of dealing with trauma or injury. It stimulates the healing process.
  2. Inflammation is classified as either acute or chronic. Acute inflammation occurs initially after a trauma and can last a few days. Chronic inflammation is prolonged and can lead to a variety of more serious skin diseases.
  3. Inflammation signs include: pain, heat, redness, swelling and loss of function. These signs are vital in skin regeneration. Pro-youth growth factors are released during the inflammation stage that rebuild and renew that area.
  4. There are many causes for inflammation beyond just injury: overexposure to the sun, stress, toxins, alcohol, immune reactions and infection.
  5. Skin peels purposely trigger an inflammatory response to kick-start the rejuvenation process.
  6. When inflammation occurs, you can help the healing process by using skincare products that contain antioxidants and other soothing ingredients. We recommend MD Formulations Critical Care Calming Gel for its ultra-calming antioxidant-charged formula.
  7. Inflammation is not a bad thing when in short doses, but if it becomes a constant part of your life, it can lead to serious complications like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hypersensitivities, and more.
  8. Inflammation is a contributing factor to aging. Free radicals, which cause inflammation, are the main culprits.
  9. The sun is a major cause of inflammation and aging. Although difficult to avoid, everyone should be wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every single day.

Inflammation is vital to healthy skin, but if you notice it becoming a constant in your life, seek the help of a skincare professional. Head of the aging effects of inflammation by using products designed to control it for healthy, younger looking skin.





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